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What are Fractures?

A fracture can range from minor hairlines to severe breaks of any bone in the body. Fractures are usually but not always a result of an injury.

When a physical force is eerted on the bone which is stronger than the bone itself will more often lead to a fracture. Broken bones are most common in childhood although fractures can happen at any age. Older individuals with more brittle bones (Osteoporosis) are more likely to have fractures than their younger counterparts especially in a fall.

The symptoms of a fracture are:

- Bone protruding from the skin (in an open fracture)

- Deformity of the injured area (if a limb)

- Loss of function in the injured area

- Pain in the injured area

- Swelling or bruising in the injured area

Treatment usually requires the immobilisation of the affected bone and can be done via a surgery to pin the bones together. A cast can be applied to stop you moving the affected area allowing it to heal undisturbed. The healing process can take six weeks or more.

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