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Double Up Your Love!


SHE bearing the name of “Mother” always stay strong for you. HE with the name of “father” is tough enough to protect you whenever you need him.

In this loving season, let’s show your love by guiding them to good health.

Follow the steps below to get a 49% discount codes for 2 pax in health screening packages in conjunction with Gleneagles Hospital Penang’s celebration for 49 years of excellence (refer to mechanics). The couple will also be receiving a mystery gift when they completed their health screening at our Centre!

We at Gleneagles Hospital Penang, wishing you a blessed and happy parents’ day. May you always stay strong and healthy!


Step 1: Follow Gleneagles Hospital Penang’s Facebook and Instagram

Step 2: Upload a photo of you with your mum/ dad

Step 3: Complete this caption “ My mum/dad/ mum and dad is (are) wonderful because------”

Step 4: Tag 1 friend/ Family member in your post

Step 5: Set your post to “Public” with hashtag
Step 6: PM us on Facebook with the details (2 pax):
Participant’s name (As per IC):
Participant’s date of Birth:

Participant’s contact no.:

Step 7: Fix an appointment with the health screening department via WhatsApp/ Email/ Call with the promo code provided.

Step 8: Come for health screening and receive the mystery gift.

There are limited discount codes available for this promotion. Please redeem it quick to enjoy the great offer!

*Terms and conditions apply


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07/05/2022 - 31/07/2022
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