NUSAJAYA - In conjunction with World Heart Day observed on 29th September every year, Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor calls on everyone to take a moment and check on their heart’s health.  

GHMJ world heart day

Hospital CEO, Dr. Kamal Amzan said, “Heart disease is preventable, but most people are not aware that they have to go for regular screenings. We would like to take the opportunity to educate our community on the importance of heart maintenance and early detection as a means to prevention and minimize complications associated with heart disease, including the sudden deaths. 

Aging causes changes in the heart and blood vessels that increases a person's risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In report published by the Department of Statistic Malaysia, concluded that Ischemic Heart Disease is a number one killer in Malaysia.  

 Dr. Ang Chin Yong, a cardiologist in Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor said, “It is essential to understand the current condition of our hearts, and to have insight into our long-term heart disease risks. By doing so, we can then take actions to minimize or avoid catastrophic events. One can start with a simple resting ECG test, before determining the need for further assessment in correlation with the symptomology or clinical scenarios”. 

Another cardiologist, Dr. Kam Jiyen suggested “Heart screening is as important as other health screenings to prevent heart diseases that include heart attack and heart failure. A person may look healthy, but heart diseases often occur without early sign”. 

While encouraging the public to do regular heart screening, Datuk Dr. Abdul Rahman, a cardiothoracic surgeon said, “Many people ignored heart health until they are in their golden years or only when they have symptoms which will then require a more advanced surgery such as bypass procedure”. 

 Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor has been reaching out to the public through its affiliate partners in the month of September as part of its responsibility to increase public awareness on heart health and introduced a limited-time promotion for comprehensive heart screening with Cardiologists to commemorate the World Heart Day.  

GHMJ world heart day


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