400 healthcare practitioners attend 1st All-Women Healthcare Symposium | Gleneagles Hospital

400 healthcare practitioners attend 1st All-Women Healthcare Symposium

JOHOR BAHRU: The one-day All-Women Healthcare Symposium (1st Edition) at the Renaissance Hotel in this city recently welcomed 400 healthcare professionals, including gynecologists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical students.

The symposium, which carried the theme "Meeting Women's Healthcare Needs for a Better Tomorrow," was put on by Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor in association with Monash University and the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) Johor Branch.

It included keynote addresses, discussions, exhibits, and practical instruction.

Participants received updates on women's healthcare at the event.


The symposium engaged with primary healthcare professionals throughout southern Malaysia to address women's healthcare needs holistically, according to symposium director Dr. Sharifah Halimah Jaafar.

She stated that the purpose of the event was to provide new information and recent research in the management of women's health in order to foster a better knowledge of the broader facets of care.

She continued by saying that there was a need to expand their involvement and collaboration in managing different facets of women's healthcare at the primary healthcare level, including adolescent health, reproductive health, and mental health, as well as gynaecology, aesthetics, and skin health.

Dr. Sharifah stated, "I wish to provide a platform to investigate many virtues and advance positive outcomes in all facets of women's healthcare needs, from adolescence to postmenopause.

The CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor (GHMJ), Dr. Kamal Amzan, said it was an honour to organise this symposium alongside a variety of businesses, including the academic community and NGOs.

"As a hospital, we are aware of our responsibility to educate women about their healthcare requirements and increase access to healthcare throughout the nation,"

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