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Total Hip Replacement

What is Total Hip Replacement?

Sometimes, hip bones can wear away due to many factors such as injury, disease or simply old age. An artificial hip replacement surgery involves the replacement of the femur (head of the thigh bone) and acetabulum (hip socket) with artificial joint components. The artificial femur components are usually made of strong metal or ceramic while the artificial socket is made out of polyethylene (durable and wear-resistant plastic) or metal backed with a plastic liner. The ball and sockets are designed to glide together to replace the hip joint.

Why would you need a Total Hip Replacement?

When arthritis or extensive injury have begun to limit our everyday activities such as walking, bending, resting without pain or simply moving or lifting your legs without stiffness, Total Hip Replacement is recommended. After a careful diagnosis, surgery will likely be recommended especially if you have little pain relief from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or if other treatments such as physical therapy do not relieve hip pain.

Where is this treatment available?

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