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General Surgery

Our skilled team of surgeons bring together a wide spectrum of expertise and treatment care that are tailored just for you. General surgery involves full specializations to ensure patients are well taken care of with thorough examination. 

Specific sub-specialites includes: 
- Head & Neck 
- Breast 
- Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary
- Colon and rectal 
- Vascular 

Our team of expertise are skilled to perform complex operations such as: 
- Minimal access surgery 
- Robotic surgery 
- Trauma emergency surgery 
- Reconstructive & therapeutic surgery 

Our experienced doctors and nursing staff will examine your individual needs and manage accordingly. We have specialised services catered for children and adults and for those who want elective surgery or those who need emergency treatment. 

Advanced Surgical Procedures

Offering advanced surgical procedures, here at Gleneagles we are committed to providing the best treatment option for each individual patient and making sure their well-being is taken care of. 

Minimal Access Surgery - Laparoscopic Surgery 
Minimal incision size and duration of hospitalization with better recovery results

Robotic Surgery
Aim to have a better clinical outcome with the precision of the da Vinci® surgical system. 
Read more about da Vinci ® surgical system HERE.

Reconstructive & Therapeutic Surgery
Benefit from reconstructive and therapeutic surgery that goes 


Hernia (inguinal, femoral) 
Retroperitoneal tumours 

Biliary tree 
Benign biliary strictures
Cancer of the gallbladder 
Hepatic bile duct cancer 

Breast cancer 
Cysts, lumps, nipple discharge 

Colon & rectal 
Bowel incontinence & pelvic disorders
Corectal cancer 
Intestinal obstruction 
Irritable bowel disease 

Thyroid: nodules, cysts, cancer, hyperthyroidism

Esophagael & Stomach
Cancer of the stomach and esophagus
Gastrointestinal tumours
Morbid obesity
Peptic ulcer
Post-gastrectomy syndromes

Head & neck 
Benign thyroid and parathyroid nodules
Cancer of the ear, nose, throat
Head and neck cancer
Metasized cancer with an unknown primary 
Obstructive airways
Thyroid and parathyroid cancer 

Benign tumours and cysts
Intrahepatic and hilarcholangiocarcinoma
Portal hypertension
Primary and metastatic liver tumours 

Lymphatic system
Lymph nodes and cancer
Lymphatic obstruction

Acute and chronic pancreatities
Cystic tumours of the pancreas 
Pancreatic and periampullary cancer

Small intestine
Malignant tumours of the small intestine 
Obstruction and fistulae
Villous tumours of the duodenum

Vascular surgery
Diabetic limb salvage and peripheral vascular disease
Venous diseases including deep venous and artriovenous malformations

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General Surgery

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General Surgery

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