Coronary Artery Disease

When there is a blockage or narrowing within the arteries, it's harder for blood to flow normally to the heart which causes Coronary Artery Disease. It's Singapore's most common heart disease that can lead to chest pains or shortness of breath (angina) during exertion or stress, heart attack and heart failure. One of the main causing factors is the gradual build-up of fatty deposits within the wall of the arteries called plaques. Over a long time, these fatty despoits might clog the blood flow to the heart muscle.


Certain signs and symptoms that might show includes:

Chest pains (Angina) during exertion and stress

Cold sweaty hands

Heart attack



Shortness of breath

Possibility of no symptoms, even if there is an obstuction of blood flow to your heart (also known as Silent Ischaemia)


Your doctor will examine your condition to determine which treatment will work best for you.

These combination of treatments might include:

Lifestyle changes to improve your heart's health condition

Manage your blood pressure, blood cholesterol and diabetes with regular exercise and weight control

Practice a healthy diet

Quit smoking habits

Medications to dissolve blood clots, maintain heart rate, and manage other heart disease complications

Your doctor might suggest surgery in extreme cases of coronary artery disease to aid in normal blood flow function:

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Open heart surgery where coronary blood supply is restores by making a pathway for the blood to go around the obstructed part of the coronary artery.

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (commonly known as coronary angioplasty): A small balloon is inserted into the obstructed artery to aid in widening the blocked artery, and allow the blood to flow normally again. A stent (a tiny expandable metal coil) might also be used to help maintain the opening of the artery.

Complications and Related Diseases

There are many compications related with coronary artery diseases including:

Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats)

Heart Attack

Heart Failure

Other complications related withe the bypass surgery, that gradually increases with age. Consult your doctor and discuss potential risks involved:

New blockages in the bypassed arteries

Risk of infection or bleeding

Risk of stroke, during or after the operation

Risks related with general anaesthesia

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