Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs when there is an abnormality of tissue growth that leads to a lump. Cell located in the breast rapidly multiples and produces additional tissues. There are two types of tumours which are benign that is non-cancerous or malignant where it's cancerous. It is possible for cancerous cells to spread around within the breast area, to the lymph nodes (glands) in your armpit, and to other areas in the body.
The cause of breast cancer is still not clearly known. Women who have a strong family history of breast cancer are more susceptible to the disease or those who started menstruation early in their life. Regular female hormones manage the division of cells within the breast and might trigger the development of breast cancer. Women who are over 40 years and abover are also prone to having breast cancer as compared to those who are younger.


The signs and symptoms of breast cancer might include the following:

- A painless lump in the breast.

- Bleeding or unusual discharge from the nipple.

- Dimpled or puckered skin over the breast

- Persistent itch and rash around the nipple.

- Pulled in or retracted nipples.

- Swollen and thickened skin over the breast.


Surgery might be required to remove the tumour.

Breast conserving surgery:

- A lumpectomy which removes the cancer and surrounding tissue.

- A quadrantectomy which removes one-quarter of the breast that has the lump.

- Masectomy which removes the whole breast.

Alternative treatments:

- Chemotherapy

- Hormone therapy

- Targeted therapy

- Radiation therapy (high-energy x-rays) to kills the cancer cells

- Rehabilitation

- Nutrition and lifestyle support to help you recover

- Shoulder exercises and arm care to avoid stiffness and swelling

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