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Senior Medical Physicist

  • To conduct the calibration, dosimetry, and quality assurance in therapeutic use of radiation in teletherapy
  • Supervise the maintenance and quality assurance of radiation, simulation, and treatment planning system and associated equipment for radiation treatment as required for patients and to assist in the treatment planning.
  • work closely with the radiation oncologist and radiographers to ensure effective treatment planning and delivery of all modalities of radiotherapy by providing expertise on clinical dose distributions for individual patients, treatment simulation and verification, calculations, and dose measurements for individual patients.
  • provide quality assurance program and documentation with regards to policies and procedures.
  • responsible for accuracy in calibration and the reliable operation of dosimetry equipment.
  • document and take action as required to rectify faults, problems or difficulties with the Linear accelerator and other equipment used for patient treatment
  • Master of Science in Medical Physics
  • Knowledgeable about radiotherapy equipment
  • Fully qualified, registered with MOH as Designated Personal to operate Radioactive equipment
  • To attend Continuous Professional Education (CME)
  • Able to interact with customer, employees and third parties
  • Able to maintain good interpersonal relationships with the staff members
  • Able to communicate in English 
  • Honest with pleasant personality
  • Computer literate
  • High level of integrity and confidentiality
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